Leonflix V0.7.0 | Download Leonflix for PC ,MAC and Linux

Leonflix is an AD’s free modular search tool where you can grab movies and tv shows in free with high resolutions.This is available for Windows and MAC.

Ever thought that you can enjoy premium TV shows and the latest movies on your PC for free? Sounds weird but true. Now you can watch unlimited latest Hollywood movies and all the TV serials right on your PC whether it is a Windows or a Mac or Linux. There are several apps available for android and iOS devices to stream all these contents like movies, web series and TV shows whereas apps available for PC are very few and some of them are also not free.

When we talk about the free PC apps to stream the latest movies and TV shows, they contain annoying ads and sometimes malwares-adware and spyware which damages your PC very badly along with stealing your sensitive information. We have today an awesome PC app that is free from all these things and also free of cost to enjoy all the latest Hollywood and TV shows. Take a look!!

Download Leonflix Latest Version For Windows,MAC And Linux 2020

Version 0.7.0 Beta
Size 30 MB
Category Entertainment
Device Support Windows,Mac And Linux
Last Updated 3 Days Ago

What is Leonflix?

From past few years, the internet has grown in massive way and the apps available for different functions are also increased. The websites and applications that provide free access over the movies and TV shows are in great extent for android and iOS but it lags for the PC.

Though there are bunch of platforms providing the free movies and series, it became harder to find best of them. The Leonflix is a name that is rising from few past years due to its extraordinary features and great support.

This app is basically the PC app that provides you free movies and TV shows without taking any subscription or facing any single ad. The leonflix is same as amazon prime or Netflix but it neither requires login credentials nor requires a premium plan to watch and enjoy the latest movies and TV shows.

It is available for multiple operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, Linux as well as Raspbian. If you want to know more about what is Leonflix then read till the end and definitely you will be amazed after knowing its great features.

Features of Leonflix

The leonflix is much popular due to its amazing features. It comes with some truly great features that makes it different from other streaming apps. Have a look on them!

As you all know that there are bunch of apps available for mobile for streaming movies and web series so it becomes quite difficult to find streaming apps for Windows, Mac or Linux. The Leonflix is a great PC app that provides you unlimited free Hollywood movies that you can watch anytime anywhere on any operating system platform whether it is a windows, Mac or Linux. The three major operating system supports leonflix which makes it to run on every machine.

The developer of the leonflix kept so much things in mind while developing this app. You will never face an issue of no content found. The leonflix does not keep its own database to store movies and TV shows rather it extracts the desired content from other streaming website by removing ads and provide you ad free content. Leonflix is huge library of movies and TV shows to search. You can easily search your desired movie or shows by making an easy search of search bar.

its been few years from launching the leonflix but still it is in beta version. The developer team is trying hard to improve leonflix’s features to get huge audience base. Therefore, the leonflix provides you ad-free content throughout the app. Though leonflix neither show any ad between the videos like YouTube nor shows popup ads. But the videos it fetches from the various sites may contain promotional ads inside the video, so leonflix can’t do anything here. But it always tries hard to fetch the quality content for you.

First best thing about the leonflix is that the size of the PC app is too small comparing to other apps. The windows app approximately takes 95 MB whereas for Mac, it takes less than 70MB. Another great thing is that, it has awesome, attractive and easy to understand UI. The top bar contains the search bar where as the you will get the bookmarks option as well right Infront of you. You can always switch between the movies and TV shows along with changing the genre and year of release.

How to Install Leonflix in Windows?

As told earlier, the leonflix is popular due to its multi-platform support. It is available on widely known operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Let’s see how you can download and install leonflix in your system.

  1. Download the leonflix exe file for your operating system.
    • windows
    • mac
    • linux
    • Raspbian
  2. After downloading the leonflix, open the folder where the downloaded file is located.
  3. Click on that .exe file, it will take some time to install in your system.
  4. After installing the leonflix, open it.
  5. If it shows you that a new version is available for leonflix then you can click on update to reinstall the new version of leonflix else you can still use the older version.
  6. Now enjoy the premium movies and TV shows without even logging in the leonflix.

The leonflix is a trusted and legal app to watch movies and TV shows because it never hosts any copyrighted and pirated content. One more thing is that leonflix is not available for android, currently it is only available for Linux based operating systems but one day, it will be definitely released for android. Now hold your beer and enjoy premium shows. cheers!